Congratulations on the opening of FERDON shower room Ceramic City store
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Congratulations on the opening of FERDON shower room Ceramic City store

On October 18, faire, one of China's top ten shower room brands, located in a419, Foshan Ceramic City

The shower room is in full swing. The fresh and generous collocation layout of the storefront and the exquisite leading position

Technology and leading the international trend of design, for consumers to bring a full range of fashion shower

New feelings. The store layout of Felden shower room is standard and exquisite, and the inside and outside of the exhibition hall are clean and tidy,

Welcome every customer with comfortable and fresh image. Various styles of shower rooms

Zoning, fashionable appearance and unique humanized design cater to different consumer groups

like. As soon as you enter the store, a purple shower room will shine in front of you. The unique diamond style is ingenious

With the arc curve, the design style is simple and noble, the style is exquisite and meticulous, and the function is practical and reliable

It's very artistic and romantic.

In addition to the fashionable appearance design, Felden pays more attention to the quality of products. As enjoyment

As a well-known brand of shower room in China for many years, Felden always adheres to quality as the cornerstone

The service casting brand, the good faith wins the cooperation the idea. In material selection, Felden has always been

Adhere to the principle of high standard material selection, the use of automotive grade fully tempered safety glass, high purity

Aluminum alloy, imported 304 stainless steel and other high-quality raw materials, and use the industry's highest standards

As a basis for testing, the product is guaranteed to be strength, impact resistance, anti-aging and service life.

Beauty and other indicators lead the industry. The products have been inspected before leaving the factory,

Ensure to provide consumers with safe, comfortable, assured products, to create the latest technology

Safe shower environment.