Common sense of choosing shower room
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Nowadays, people who pay attention to the quality of life also pay more and more attention to the bathroom life, and the shower room has gradually entered every family. The shower room can save space, make the toilet orderly, separate the whole space from the wet and dry, and ensure the warmth of bathing in winter. There are many types of shower rooms on the market, and there are many brands. Consumers are inevitably confused when they choose shower rooms. Next, Felden shower room will tell you how to choose shower rooms.

Shower room price expensive or not

To judge what shower room is good, we must master the common sense of choosing shower room

1. the shower room is generally symmetrical arc fan, and also square and diamond shaped. It has sliding door, folding door, rotating shaft door, etc. it can be divided into angular entry or single-sided entry type in the entry mode. The biggest feature of angular entry type is that it can expand the utilization rate and make better use of limited bathroom area. Square diagonal, arc shower and diamond shower room are all of this kind, It is more used in the design, the shape of the shower room to refer to the size and direction of the bathroom.

2. most people like to buy translucent shower rooms, but traditional conservative (such as the old people) will also accept the cloth type opaque shower room, so it is necessary to see what the family likes. The main material of shower room is tempered glass, the quality of tempered glass is different greatly. The authentic tempered glass has a subtle pattern carefully.

3. the framework of shower room is usually made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel profile. The surface is treated with spray molding, which is free from corrosion and rust. The thickness of the main frame aluminum alloy is better than 1.1mm, which is not easy to deform. Ball bearing of door must be flexible, easy to open and close, screw is stainless steel, all hardware should pay attention to smoothness, scratch in it can not be fun.

4. the chassis of shower room is divided into two types: high basin and low basin. The type of seat can be used in a tank, suitable for the family with old people or children, but also can be used in one cylinder, washing, water, etc., but it is in trouble of sanitation.

main cause.

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