Shower room: the first choice for professional consumers
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With the continuous improvement of production technology and upgrading of products, domestic sanitary brand has gradually matured, with the increasing number of brands. However, the development of brand has a history and a core product. However, with the technology exchange and innovation, the integration between brands is becoming more and more. Gradually mature brands are also developing from single products to diversified ones.

Taking Beijing's archery bath as an example, the brand has developed for more than ten years in Beijing. Due to the excellent product quality and the advertising and publicity in place, it has become a more well-known sanitary ware brand in Beijing. Among them, the precipitation of sanitary ware within the brand has made great achievements. Most dealers and consumers in the industry know that the brand is very good when they talk about the brand, but with the brand foundation in Beijing, the brand influence gradually expands. The brand also slowly began to develop the kitchen and bathroom overall space products, such as cabinets and, shower rooms, tiles, etc.

Arrow brand is only one of the more representative brands. There are many horizontal development brands like arrow brand in Beijing, such as farnesa, langwhale, Jiumu and Yigao. These brands have core competitiveness in a certain kind of products at first, and they are also gradually bigger and stronger than brands. As the brand matures, they begin to take the overall sales road of bathroom space. From the performance of these brands, good results have been achieved. But some brands, although they have been on the right track, have also been recognized by industry manufacturers and end consumers, but they are still focusing on making certain categories of products. Take shower room products as an example, at present, the best in Beijing, and the brands with high brand reputation are only brands such as lones, deli and Rose Island. In the presentation of terminal stores, these brands only present the best products they do.

In the sanitary ware hall on the 2nd floor of the blue view Lijia home Square, Dazhongsi, Haidian District, Beijing, there are more than 20 sanitary brands, but less than 5 brands are specialized in showering rooms. However, almost every family has sales of shower room products, but there is no special space to display all products. Sporadically, they can see that the dealers have oneortwo products in some less attractive places. When the consumers ask specifically, the sales personnel will take out some good atlas for consumers to read for their choice.

In the big clock Temple store of blue Jingli family in Rose Island, Miss Wang, sales consultant, introduced that they are professional brands for shower rooms, and the brand was founded in 1996. However, they have always focused on foreign markets before. Domestic market has invested less energy. However, after the financial crisis in 2008, they began to develop domestic market vigorously after realizing the importance of domestic market, At present, many specialty stores have been established in the country. In fact, in terms of the brand history, it is not lost to some sanitary brands that do the overall space. However, the brand has not been long in domestic precipitation time and has no influence on them. However, the products are professional and fine.

For how to make the products refined, Miss Wang also gives some concrete examples. She introduces that most consumers are laymen, and they have no experience in purchasing products. It is necessary to see whether the shower room you choose is good or not. The most important thing is to pay attention to several points. First, whether there are some international certification marks on the product; Second, whether the hardware parts used in shower room are of high quality; Third, whether the slide rail is light and noise free is the key to consider. Of course, the most important thing is whether the brand itself has guarantee.

In the sales, she also deeply understood that one stop purchase is the idea of many consumers. The brand with overall bathroom space products will have more advantages when receiving consumers, but shower room is the main product of these brands. For consumers, it is not the most suitable product.

According to Miss Wang, Xing Kaixuan, who is in the same store of the long s bathroom, agrees with him. He believes that only professional can better highlight the quality of the product. He lists the real things encountered in the sales process. Some consumers have used a period of time to break the slide after selling a brand of shower room. If they want to match the same slide, they can't buy it. They only need to change the shower room again. In fact, the loss is even greater for consumers. However, if it is the shower room purchased by lonce, all hardware parts can be matched. Because this brand specializes in shower room, all parts of products are produced by themselves, and have continuity, which will not cause trouble and loss for the maintenance of consumers in the later period.