After sales service details:

1. Within one year from the date of purchase, our company is responsible for repairing and replacing accessories free of charge if it is confirmed to be defective in material or function by inspection.

2. One year warranty for the whole shower room. During the warranty period, if the material or function defect is confirmed by inspection, there will be no man hour fee and only the cost of parts.

3. Warranty Content Description: 1) glass: our company guarantees that the glass provided is safety tempered glass that meets the "CCC" national compulsory certification. Glass is fragile. In case of glass self explosion within one year after product installation, our company is responsible for free patch. All patches will be charged after one year.

2) Aluminum: under normal circumstances, the oxide layer of aluminum will not peel off or rust, and the repair caused by misuse of cleaning agent and scale accumulation shall be charged. For gold, titanium and other oxide colored aluminum materials, the same set of products may have slight color difference, and after contacting with air and light source

We do not guarantee that certain fading may occur.

3) Core hardware accessories: including door clip, wall clip, pulley and handle. If there is any functional failure, we will repair or replace it free of charge within one year; Five years warranty, free of working hours, will be charged parts costs.

4) The aging of rubber strips, magnetic strips and plastic parts is normal wear and tear. Our company guarantees the quality within one year. There will be a charge after one year.

4. After the warranty period, we will continue to provide users with maintenance services, but we will charge users the necessary fees, such as materials, labor and so on. For the products beyond the warranty period and the manufacturers have eliminated, we can not guarantee that there are exactly the same accessories available, but we will provide suitable accessories as far as possible.

5. The following terms are not included in our warranty, but we can charge for repair:

1) Failure and damage caused by intentional, negligent, misuse, non-compliance with operation guidelines, use under abnormal conditions, accident and force majeure.

2) Due to not adhering to the cleaning and maintenance guidelines provided by us (please refer to the following}), stubborn stains, mildew and scale are produced on the glass surface or coating.

3) Any product that has been disassembled, modified or removed from the original installation position without authorization.

4) Failure to provide purchase certificate, product certificate and warranty card.

6. If the content of the user's complaint is not within the scope of our warranty rights and responsibilities after inspection, we will reserve the right to charge relevant service fees and material fees.

7. As we pursue the policy of continuous improvement, product improvement may lead to upgrading and substitution of products. For example, there are differences in color and structure between the real object and the sample. The real object shall prevail, and our company reserves the right of final explanation.

8. This guarantee is applicable to shower rooms and products of Felden brand. All warranty information, product functions and usage specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The specific warranty period of some special products shall be subject to the warranty terms of the products. Our company does not undertake any other responsibilities and obligations beyond the provisions of this limited warranty.

Cleaning and maintenance guide

It is very important to clean after each use. Wipe all glass and metal parts with a soft dry cloth.

Pay attention not to let scale build up on the surface of the product. Ensure that the residual water stains on the glass are removed after each use.

Regularly use soapy water to clean the glass. Do not use strong acid, strong alkaline chemical solvents.

A 50:50 mixture of water and vinegar is helpful to remove the watermark.

Serious tips: a. the following situations are not within the scope of our free warranty. 1. Damage caused by incorrect installation and abnormal use of the product; 2. Failure to show valid warranty card and purchase receipt; 3. The damage caused by disassembling, repairing and refitting the product without authorization of our company.

B. The company does not undertake or authorize the service center to undertake any other responsibilities and obligations beyond those specified in this limited warranty